Welcome to the Charter Academy

Charter academy is a registered Private Further Education and Training provider. Our accreditation allows us the unique opportunity of providing a multi sectoral range of learning and skills programmes and the ability to provide specific on demand training initiatives.

Facilitating transformation and empowerment through skills development and lifelong learning is an outcome that we take very seriously.

Charter Academy is committed to promoting empowerment and social transformation across a range of economic sectors through training interventions, developing workplace experience and mentorship.

The primary transformation focus areas include :

Our training activities use an interactive approach to develop team work and shared learning experiences.  The interactive training approach promotes the integration of theory and practice to ensure that learners develop hands on experience of the challenges presented by an ever changing economy and life experiences.

All programmes of study are facilitated by facilitators with the required constituent knowledge to guide both novice and experienced learners towards new learning experiences.

Training programmes are presented at Charter Academy’s training facilities in Greenside (Johannesburg).  On a needs basis, facilitators travel and present programmes in other parts of the country.