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Charter Academy

African Spirit Trading 327 (Pty) t/a Charter is a SETA accredited Level 1 BBEE company with over 35 years’ experience in the Real Estate, Financial Services and Affordable Housing sectors. Our mission is to facilitate transformation and empowerments in the financial services and real estate sector through effective solutioning, skills development and life- long learning.

“3 operating divisions that work together to create a comprehensive solution facilitating home ownership, financial inclusion and transformation in the emerging market”.

"Charter a history of Empowerment, Transformation and Innovation"

Operations Resources and Academic Capacity

The Charter team and partners are respected strategists and professionals from the financial services, academic and real estate backgrounds who are committed to transformation and empowerment.

The company has offices in the major metros of Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. Our head office is in Greenside Johannesburg.

Charter Academy Training Courses:

RE1 & RE5 FSB Exam Preparation: To act as a financial representative, a person must pass Regulatory Exam 5 (RE5) set by the Financial Services Board (FSB) within two years of appointment. To act as a Key Individual (supervising or managing financial representatives), a person must pass Regulatory Exam 1 (RE1) also set by the FSB. Charter offers an on-line course combined with class room based training to produce optimal results. Successful students will be eligible for careers in banking and insurance after completion.

Real Estate NQF 4 & 5: This the compulsory qualification for all estate agents and principals and is the first step in fulfilling the Estate Agency Affairs Board's (EAAB) legal requirements (the other requirements are the passing of the Professional Designation Exam (PDE) and ongoing Continuing Professional Development (CPD)). Agents who enter the profession are required to complete a full 12-month internship and a logbook in addition to completing the qualification and writing the PDE.

Mortgage Customer Training: A compulsory course for new mortgage clients earning less R20, 000 joint and single incomes. The course explains the value of a home as an asset and the role of mortgage finance and insurance. Skilled facilitators take attendees on a 2 hr journey which explains the legal covenants, costs involved and introduces budgeting techniques as a tool to improved household solvency and affordability. The course also covers the role of debt counsellors in remediating over-indebtedness. This is a class room-based intervention which has greatly defaults and improved understanding of Homeloans and reduced the incidence of payment defaults.

Home Quest -Training course for aspirant homeowners: This 1 ½ hr course provides a practical guide to homeownership. Attendees are introduced to the process of buying a home, the legal process and the various tenure ship options available. This course which is available to the communities and employed individuals offers a practical guide to mortgage finance, affordability and the government subsidy scheme (FLISP). It also addresses matters of over-indebtedness and provides a guide on how this can be addressed through debt counselling and payment remediation.

Financial Literacy Training: Our financial literacy courses are aimed at empowering men & women of all ages, with valuable life skills. It enables them to make informed Financial & Life choices and helps them define their needs and wants. By providing a holistic approach to Financial Wellness, Charter teaches the basic principles of effective money management, to improve current financial situations, by taking control and staying in control of one's financial matters.

Management Training Courses (in collaboration with Market-Edge): Charter offers a range of management training courses aimed at improving the skills of early entrants to the world of work. The courses which are offered in association Market Edge, led by Dr Shamla Moodley brings together world class courses facilitated by highly experienced professional trainers and academics that synthesise their life experiences with academic understanding and excellence. Courses on offer include the ff;

Charter Learning Methodology

Face to face Class Room based: Charter is a firm believer of class room based training to enhance the learning experience. Our innovative training mediums supported by picture-based teaching and communication method create opportunity for interaction and shared experiences.

Conferencing: Conferences are a very effective means of imparting information and education and for ensuring that executives and professionals are kept abreast with all the latest information and trends affecting their profession. Conferencing has a very positive impact on personal and professional growth.

E-Learning: Virtual classrooms are fast becoming the most effective way of reaching large numbers of participants in a sustainable way. Our RE 5 course is our 1st on-line course offered in collaboration with UK Based Virtlx X.