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All our accredited qualifications adhere to Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

and Skills Development Programmes.


From the start we have challenged the status quo with our cost effective and time efficient Skills Development Services, attracting clients across a wide range of industries.

We are a pioneer in the arena of skills development, adult education, and life -long learning. Charter has worked with over 200 major organisations as a facilitator of empowerment and transformation.


Our innovative approach to training blends local requirements with global best practices and standards amidst a dynamically changing post Covid world. Charter embraces a multi-dimensional blended approach combining on-line training, interactive tutor led webinars and face to face classroom lead, both on and off-site.

Charter Learning Methodology

Face to face: Charter is a firm believer of classroom-based training to enhance the learning experience. Our innovative training mediums supported by picture-based teaching and communication methods create opportunity for interaction and shared experiences.

eLearning: Embracing technology through e-learning. Virtual classrooms are fast becoming the most effective way of reaching large numbers of participants in a sustainable way. Charter e-learning solutions offers a range of short courses online to ensure a fast and cost-effective solution to your staff training needs. Our on-line interactive tutor-lead training support offers the most optimal learning through interaction, engagement and knowledge transfer whilst complying with the requirements of the Covid 19 prescription. Charters flexible mode of delivery offers learners and clients maximum freedom to achieve their training and education goals alongside work commitments and productivity standards.

Workplace Application: Actual work experience to ensure practical relevance and embodied understanding. We understand that companies have unique needs, which is why we offer customised training and development solutions aligned to your needs.

Portfolio of evidence: (Assignment) To confirm learning and conform to external examination board requirements e.g. SETA , Sector Educational Training Authority.

Student support is a key factor in our approach which is indicative in Charter’s high retention rate. Facilitators and training coordinators are available via phone & email, and WhatsApp groups are created for peer support and fast communication from Charter and the facilitator, which also encourages peer tutoring

LMS: Charter’s e-learning platform lends itself to support the learner by providing all the learner material from any device which has internet access. The material is downloadable if the learner wishes to print the material. The system also allows for easier learner & project management and can generate reports on each learner’s progress.