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Strategic Workforce Housing Through Employee Assisted Housing Programs Conference on the 26th and 27th of November 2015


It has become common knowledge that housing is a crucial component of economic competitiveness and yet it is not everyone who can afford a loan to purchase house. However, despite there being a variety of initiatives currently underway across the sub Saharan continent, the provision of housing assistance through employers remains uncommon and is an unfamiliar concept in the corporate world. In Africa much of our workforce, including those who provide vital services to a community such as fire-fighters, police officers, teachers, health workers, cannot afford to live in the communities where they work or serve. Thus Employers have an obligation in extending housing affordability and creating housing opportunity while increasing the competitiveness of their businesses and the areas in which they are located.

As Charter Academy we have come together with the Department of human Settlements, Standard bank Group, International Housing Solutions ,Impala Platinum to facilitate a comprehensive 2 day conference unpacking issues on Strategic Workforce housing through employer Assisted programs.

Benefits of Employer Assisted Housing Program (EAH)

Employers that sponsor housing assistance programs see them as a popular benefit that fosters employee loyalty and reduces turnover.

Who should attend

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