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Financial Literacy
Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy


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Course Overview

The lack of Financial literacy has led to major social challenges resulting in high levels of debt in the lower economic sector. Financial literacy training helps attendees understand the importance of spending on needs rather than wants and is designed to develop a saving ethos. This workshop series is highly customisable and based on the needs of the financial sector and their customers. The course is designed for lower level workers, university learners and the community at large. Attendees are introduced to various financial services’ products available in the market while increasing awareness of their everyday expenditure patterns, helping them to identify good and bad financial practices.

Course Content

  • The need for financial discipline
  • Understanding the difference between needs and wants
  • Personal budget and budgeting
  • Developing a spending and savings plan
  • Protecting your belongings and managing your future
  • Knowing your rights and responsibilities as a consumer
  • Managing debt and knowing what to do in financial crisis
  • Using credit smartly- knowing good credit from bad credit
  • Aligning everyday banking to one’s needs
  • Creating and growing wealth including homeownership.
  • Various types of insurance.
  • The Consumer Protection Act and the Code of Banking practice

Course Outcomes

  • Know your rights and obligations as consumers of Financial Products.
  • How to make informed financial decisions
  • Look at entrepreneurship as a form of employment.
  • Knowing the importance of saving for the proverbial rainy day
  • Providing for the future as well as unforeseen circumstance such as education for the kids, health and life insuranc.
  • How to avoid unnecessary spending by developing approaches for saving and investments
  • Differentiating between good and bad credit- enabling more effective management of credit
  • Knowing about the various investment products

Course qualification

A certificate of attendance issued to attendees

Course Duration

The course runs for a minimum of 1 hour is paractical, interactive and designed to drive a financial mindset.